Welcome my name is Dan Burrow (KJ6JZU)  your club President. Again this year we are going to have an exciting year with T hunts, informative club meetings, field day and much more. Our goal is to make this a club with meetings and activities you will want to attend and come back to often.

       Please feel  free to offer your ideas for activities, meetings ,or additions and changes to this web site.

Saturday June 8 at 10:00 AM we are meeting at Alan Gil's house to pull out all of our field day gear and make sure it works for Field Day.

      June 22 - 23 is Field Day and this year we are going to be in town next to True Value Hardware 40596 Westlake Dr, Oakhurst. We hope to have lots of activities for all ages, a (GOTA) Get On The Air station for anyone not licensed who would like to talk on the radio, information table about Ham Radio and TWO stations for the event. 






Chris K6DBG has graciously donated equipment to provide coverage for APRS traffic. The OKHRST node is operating as a digipeater on 144.390 with a WIDE1-1 call. Along with the CDRVLY I-Gate relaying direct to the internet.

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