A group of radio amateurs met on January 20, 1981, at the Sierra Telephone Company conference room to discuss forming a radio club in the mountains. Word got around and more Hams joined the group. They met at various homes and plans were made to form the club, On September 22, 1983, the Mountain Amateur Radio Club was formed with 34 charter members.

Officers were elected to start in January 1984. The first officers were:
  • President: (N6EPJ) Bob Guldstrand
  • Vice President: (WA6CPO) Dwayne Wilson
  • Treasurer: (W6NTK) Grant Storey
  • Secretary: (W6JBH) Thelma Robinson
  • Board members were:
    (WB6GXQ) Tom Canton
    (KA6APP) Harold Reeks
    (K6LFR) Ken Cexton
The club has served this community on many occasions. The flooding in 1982, the Yosemite fires in 1990, the search and rescue of a lost 4 year old, Rocky Rodriquez of Oakhurst in May of 1991. Several of our members were helping out at Angels Camp in the fires there in 1994. Our members have helped out with the Bass Lake Triathlons, furnishing communications between the riders and the staging area. MARC also provided communications for the Red Cross during the 2001 North Fork Fire.


Past Officers of the Mountain ARC


1983 - Bob Gulstrand N6EPJ
1983 - Bob Gulstrand N6EPJ
1985 - Dwayne Wilson KG6HP
1986 - Roger Mitchell N6CDD
1987 - Roger Mitchell N6CDD
1988 - Roger Mitchell N6CDD
1989 - Dick North WA6SDR
1990 - Verne Peterson N6RDY
1991 - Bob Tauxe W6JTA
1992 - Glenn Eisley W6NDR
1993 - Dwayne Wilson KG6HP
1994 - Joe Bentson K6STR
1995 - Joe Bentson K6STR
1996 - Ken Cexton K6LFR
1997 - Witt Hawkins WB9HMK
1998 - Witt Hawkins WB9HMK
1999 - Byron Viets WB6SBO
2000 - Virginia McGowen WB6BZZ
2001 - Virginia McGowen WB6BZZ
2002 - Scott Hill K6IX
2003 - Ken Nobles KK6XO
2004 - Skip Reymann N6SR
2005 - Jerry Thompson WA6ONA
2006 - Jerry Thompson WA6ONA
2007 - Alan Gil W6LSU
2009 - Joseph Frank

Vice Presidents:

Dwayne Wilson KG6HP
Dwayne Wilson KG6HP
Roger Mitchell N6CDD
Lee Wood KQ6C
Lee Wood KQ6C
Lee Wood KQ6C
Tom Canton WB6GXQ
Robbie Robinson W6GME
Roy Young KA6NKS
Bob Austin KC6EZE
Joe Bentson K6STR
Ken Nobles KK6XO
Chuck Allessi W6IEG
Bob Austin KC6EZE
Howard Kolbiens KE6WFJ
Byron Viets WB6SBO
Hank Lane KC1TF
Hank Lane KC1TF
Ed Hamilton N6XOH
Ed Hamilton N6XOH
Ed Hamilton N6XOH
John Bodwell WA6LTO
Bob Gulstrand N6EPJ
Dick Rekart W6RFR

Ken Nobles KK6XO