Field Day 1998 at Mount Bullion

We had a very good time at Mt. Bullion. Hank N5UON (Now KC1TF) is the keeper of the TV transmitter on Mt. Bullion and he invited the Mountain Amateur Radio Club to hold their field day at his location. He had all the antennas up and ready to go when we got to the location. During the 24-hour period of transmitting, if a piece of equipment broke down, Hank would take it into his shop and repair it and put it right back in use.

We had 27 operators and 17 visitors. The club made a total of 112 CW contacts and 223 phone contacts. This gave us a total of 1094 points.

Thanks to Diane KF6MNK and Judy KE6GTR for buying and bringing food up to the site. Thanks to Lupi, Jerry WA5ONA's XYL, for her help in keeping the food warm and seeing that the people got fed. Again, thanks to all who participated and helped to make this field day a success.

Robbie W6GME
 Site 1998
Field Day site at the base of the 400ft TV tower


Jerry KE6FRG
Byron WB6SBO and Judy KE6GTR
Raphael KE6JSR