Field Day 1999 at W6VE's QTH

Field Day was held on June 26-27, 1999, at Roger McConnell W6VE's QTH in Mariposa off of Darrah Road. The weather was perfect and the bugs didn't give us too much trouble with the screened operating tents. We want to thank Roger W6VE, Dave Mendenhall WA6ZIS, George Wear W6RFL for the set-up and getting things ready for the big day. The food was EXCELLENT, thanks to the cooks Rich W6GBD and Jean KF6MZD Campbell. We have already signed them up for field day 2000.
As you can see 40-Meters was our best band. It was lots of fun being on the other side of a pile-up! Two of the generators had problems and we almost lost one of the logging computers due to the power going down. Roger's signal generator from WWI saved the day and did a good job of suffocating the operators at one of the stations when the wind changed in the evening. Thanks to all for the help in cleaning up and working to make a great field day.
Thelma W6JBH & Jeff KF6CNV
560 Total QSO's
15M CW = 25, PH = 56
20M CW = 12, PH = 108
40M CW = 25, PH = 284
80M CW = 0, PH = 50


Jean KF6MZD and Rich W6GBD