Field Day 2001 at Yosemite High School


Under the experienced leadership of Ken Cexton (K6LFR) MARC participated in the ARRL Field Day event to help sharpen our skills in emergency communications preparedness. We started setting up the two operating stations on Friday, June 22nd, at 6:00 PM, by putting up the two G5RV antennas and feed lines, along with the tents and tables required for each station. Ken Nobles (KK6XO) was there with his bow and "special" arrow to help get the wires into the trees.

Saturday morning everyone was up early to help set up the radios and get ready for the start of the event at 11:00 AM sharp. Murphy was there on schedule, as well, so it was soon discovered that the SSB Station had a problem. Diagnosis was undertaken and each element of the station was individually tested and replaced. The station was back on the air at about 1:00 PM, and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way.

Bob (KK6VS) and Pat Ubersax provided lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast Sunday morning to keep the hard working operators going around the clock. Jeffrey Wandell (KF6CNV) kept the logging computers in operation and properly backed up providing complete records of all our contacts. Gary Sconce (KG6CDY) led the team setting up the operating tents, along with a large dining tent, tables, and chairs furnished by Yosemite High School.

The 24-hour effort netted 471 contacts on SSB and 103 on CW, for a total of over 1800 points for the event. Many thanks to everyone who helped!!

Scott Hill K6IX

W6BW 574 QSOs

Band Phone CW
2M 18 0
15M 44 10
20M 94 0
40M 167 93
80M 148 0
 Total      471  103


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Mark AD6VN and Bruce K6BWO operating "Station A"
Bob KK6VS and Pat keep everyone well fed
Ken K6LFR trouble shooting "Station A"
Mark AD6VN and Jeff KF6CNV
Jonathan K6JJO and Jeff KF6CNV using the club's emergency "Go Box" to make 2-meter contacts.
Scott K6IX operating "Station B"
Tom WB6GXQ manning the information table
The President Virginia WB6BZZ Arrives
Every one roughing it in the great outdoors
Chuck KC6UEW and Dan KD6OJD operating the early morning
shift on "Station A"
The generator
Jeff KF6CNV and Mike KF6WYH doing 60Q's an hour on the night shift