The Mountain ARC Joint 2006 Field Day and Club Picnic

The Mountain Amateur Radio Club gathered at the Yosemite High School grounds on Friday, June 23rd to set up for Field Day. We had thirteen members to do the set up, and they were Chuck W6HYY, Tom WB6GXQ, Jeff KF6CNV, Hank KC1TF, Alan W6LSU, John WA6LTO, Jerry WA6ONA, Scott K6IX, Ed KG6UTD, Sam KG6KEA, Clyde KB6IPC, Simon KB6CLV, and Dick W6RFR. This year the set up included a Hustler 4 Trap BTV Amateur 4 Band Vertical (10, 15, 20, & 40) antenna (Thanks to Hank KC1TF), the Mosley 3 Element Tri-Band (10, 15, & 20) TA-33 Beam Antenna, two G5RV antennas, a hand held Beam for Satellite, and a vertical for the GO Box.
The Digital Station used the Hustler vertical, And the Phone Station used the Tri-Band beam. The Phone Station, and the GOTO Station used G5RV antennas. The GO Box was used for simplex traffic on 2 meters. The set-up team again this year was really efficient, and was completed in three, and half hours. Great job, team!! The fifteen tables and forty chairs were provided by Yosemite High school through the efforts of Gary KG6CDY. John WA6LTO Stored the tables/chairs, and delivered them to the site (Thanks John). John WA6LTO also selected the perfect picnic site and rigged a tarp to cover the food , and also set up all the tables and chairs by himself (Way beyond the call of duty). Simon KB6CLV built and then donated to the club 6 extension cords that have multiple duplex outlets along their length. Sam KG6KEA was again our Robin Hood this year, and was successful in getting the antennas up in the trees. Our site direction signs were put out again, and they did work at attracting people to our site.

Saturday started about seven AM with the small crew getting up and having breakfast. The rest of the morning was spent on tweaking the stations and equipment. Also, John WA6NCA, and Dick W6RFR placed the site direction signs. Field Day started off at 1100, and we were off and running. We staffed all the shifts, except the 2 to 6 AM. The operators and loggers for the shifts were Jeff KF6CNV, Scott K6IX, John WA6LTO, Bruce K6BWO, Jonathan K6JJO, Alan W6LSU, Sam KG6KEA, Ken KK6XO, Mike KF6KDA, Jerry WA6ONA, Ed KG6UDT, Gil N6NTV, Simon KB6CLV, Ken K6LFR, Michelle, George W6RFL, Dan KD6OJD, and Chuck KC6EUW. The amount above was eighteen (18) operators and loggers, one less than last year. The Solar station made the required QSO’s for 100 points (Thanks to Don W6WWT for supplying the Solar panel). We also had a first this year by making contact with the Satellite space station. Mike KF6KDA made contact via the International Space Station on Sunday morning at 2 AM. Great Job Mike, it only took about six attempts to get out of the valley, but Mike never gave up trying.

We had 12 operators for lunch who enjoyed the subway sandwiches, and refreshments. The Dinner/Picnic was wonderful, and we had forty-three people put on some extra pounds, thanks to John WA6LTO and Del KE6RVD for doing an outstanding job of preparation. Also helping with the serving of the food, was Lupe W1FE, Suzanne W2FE, Ellie KD6TRV, Virginia WB6BZZ, and Sharon W3FE (Thanks ladies). We had two raffles, one for multiple items, and a grand raffle for a radio. John WA6LTO and Del KE6RVD won most of the small items including two bug whackers, and Simon KB6CLV won a radio of his choice.

Field Day ended on Sunday at 1100 hours. We had twelve people for tear-down and they were: John WA6LTO, Simon KB6CLV, Tom WB6GXQ, Jeff KF6CNV, Hank KC1TF, Scott K6IX, Chuck W6HYY, Alan W6LSU, and Dick W6RFR. Gary KG6CDY met us at the YHS storage shed, and we returned the tables and chairs. Tear-down was completed in about one hour and fifteen minutes, and the site was left in a spotless condition.

I would like to congratulate all who participated in Field day 2006, which I believe was the most successful yet. Our numbers were a little better than last year, we moved forward with a new vertical antenna, and made contact with the satellite space station (thanks Mike). Also, here is the best of all, Hank KC1TF donated to the Club (MARC) the beam and vertical antennas (Thanks Hank, you’re the man!) I truly felt this was a good emergency exercise, and our great team will be ready when the big one comes!!!

Dick W6RFR,
MARC Field Day 2006 Chairman.

2006 Log
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We made 473 contacts during field day.

With the 2 times multiplier received for running less than 150 watts we came out
with 1,534 points.

Bonus points were made for the following:
Using 100% Emergency Power
Getting Media Publicity in the Newspaper
Setting-up in a Public Place
Satellite Contact
Providing a Public Information Booth
Copying the W1AW Field Day Message
Natural power QSOs completed
Visited by an Elected Official
Visited by a Representative from a Served Agency
Youth under 18 making contacts
Submitting Field Day Summary via the Web.

These come out to a total of 1,110 bonus points
So our total score this Field Day is 2,644 points

Band Phone Digital CW
Satellite    1 0 0
6M 0 0 1
10M 0 0 0
15M 9 0 13
20M 92 73 52
40M 67 37 89
80M 10 5 24
Total 179x1 115x2 179x2