The Mountain ARC 2007 Field Day and Club Picnic


Our annual field day and picnic was held at Yosemite High School again this year, Saturday June 23 and Sunday the 24th. The setup crew began their tasks at 3 PM on Friday, June 22, setting up the club’s (10 – 40 meter) vertical, (10, 15 & 20 meter) beam, two G5RV’s and a 2 meter vertical for the go box. Setup members, in alphabetical order, were Alan W6LSU, Bob KC6EZE, Bob N6EPJ, Chuck W6HYY, Dick W6RFR, Hank KC6TF, Jeffrey KF6CNV, Jerry WA6ONA, John WA6LTO, John WB6JAY, Sam KG6KEA, Scott K6IX, Simon KB6CLV and Tom WB6GXQ. If I missed anyone please add your name to the list.

This year we operated one digital/cw station, one phone station and a 2 meter FM station for local traffic. We did not have a GOTA station this year, no one was willing to setup the station and be responsible for its operation. The entire operation operated from one 4KW generator provided by Ken WA6MZS, a solar panel, provided by Jerry WA6ONA, was used by the phone station to gain points for a solar operation. The radios and a computer were donated by Scott K6IX. Gary KG6CDY arranged the use of the school facilities which include the site, tables, chairs and water for dust control. Thanks to John WA6LTO and Bob N6EPJ for pickup and return of the tables and chairs.

During Saturday afternoon Mike KF6KDA was able to make a 100-point satellite contact through AO-27 to N6R in Santa Barbara. We were not sure if this would work as AO-27 had been troubled of late with only intermittent operations and running a transmitter power of ¼ watt. Antenna used was a dual band log periodic manufactured by Elk Antennas and John WA6LTO donated the radio.

On Saturday, 11 AM, the field day operation began we had 18 operators operating around the clock (well most of the clock) until the close of the contest on Sunday at 11 AM. The operators were: Sam KG6KEA, Alan W6LSU, Bob N6EPJ & XYL Carol, Simon KB6CLV, Ed KG6UDT, Mike KF6KDA, Michelle, John WA6LTO, John WB6JAY, Dick W6RFR, Jerry WA6ONA, Dan KD6OJD, Chuck KC6UEW, Scott K6IX, Jeff KF6CNV, Bruce K6BWO, Jonathan K6JJO. Once again thank you for your hard work and to those we missed mentioning.

Lunch and dinner/picnic was provided by Sharon Craig and a crew of helpers, for lunch we had sandwiches from the deli, dinner included BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs with all of the trimmings, various salads, and hot dishes. There were more great desserts than one group should ever eat, but we did a very good job of cleaning the plates. After dinner we had a raffle which included ham radio items and items for the women that don’t appreciate the ham stuff.

Sunday morning at 11 AM the teardown crew started dismantling all of the gear, in short order all of the club materials were returned to the storage shed and other items were with their owners and heading for home. The tables and chairs were returned to the school storage container. The crew was Alan W6LSU, Bob KC6EZE, Bob N6EPJ, Chuck W6HYY, Dick W6RFR, Hank KC6TF, Jeffrey KF6CNV, Jerry WA6ONA, Joe KI6IQY, John WA6LTO, John WB6JAY, Scott K6IX, Simon KB6CLV and Tom WB6GXQ.

Thanks to all that participate in field day and or the picnic, for one person it is a great task but for many it is easy and fun. In an emergency it will be many of us that accomplish the task.

Jerry, WA6ONA
MARC Field Day Coordinator 2007


2007 Log
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We made 528 contacts during field day.

With the 2 times multiplier received for running less than 150 watts we came out
with 1,546 points.

Bonus points were made for the following:
Using 100% Emergency Power
Getting Media Publicity in the Newspaper
Setting-up in a Public Place
Satellite Contact
Providing a Public Information Booth
Copying the W1AW Field Day Message
Natural power QSOs completed
Visited by an Elected Official
Visited by a Representative from a Served Agency
Submitting Field Day Summary via the Web.

These come out to a total of 1,050 bonus points
So our total score this Field Day is 2,596 points

Band Phone Digital CW
Satellite    1 0 0
2M 6 0 1
10M 1 0 0
15M 16 0 7
20M 37 41 55
40M 68 16 98
80M 155 2 26
Total 283x1 59x2 186x2