Field Day 2010


Objective: To work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12 meter bands) and in doing so to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. A premium is placed on developing skills to the challenges of emergency preparedness as well as to acquaint the general public with the capabilities of Amateur Radio.

The Mountain Amateur Radio Club completed the Field Day Exercise on June 26th and .27th. The exercise is intended to sharpen the skills of the "hams" for handling radio communication in the unlikely event of an emergency situation in which normal phone, internet or radio communications networks are incapacitated.

Mountain Amateur Radio Club's Field Day was successful with 13 hams doing set up of the equipment, 12 operators, and 10 hams doing teardown of the equipment, which efforts amounted to 376 man hours of work. The operators and loggers completed 222 contacts with 34 US states (including Hawaii ), and 3 contacts in Canada . The states were RI, VT, NJ, DE, WDC, AL GA, KY, NC, FL, SC, TN. AR, LA, MS, NM,OK, TX, CA, AZ, WA, ID MT NV, OR, UT WY, ALK, MI OH, IL, WI, CO, MN, MO, & ND. The Hams that participate are: Sam KG6KEA, Wayne W6IZK, John WA6LTO, Ken KK6XO, Chuck W6HYY, Alan W6LSU. Ed KG6UDT, Simon KB6CLV, Joe KI6IQY, Scott K6IX,Hank KC1TF, Dick W6RFR, Tom, WB6GXO, Buna KI6RKD, Del KE6RVD, and Suzanne W6STB. The club used two antennas, a Beam (bands 10,15, & 20) and a Vertical (Bands 40 & 80).

The facility at Alan & Buna Gil's property was excellent, and the women (wives) prepared wonderful food

to give us the energy to complete the exercise, which lasted 24 hours straight. Thanks to all who participate in Field Day for a job well done.

Dick Rekart W6RFR

MARC Field Day Coordinator




2010 Log
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