MCARC Deadwood Peak Repeaters

147.180+ No PL
441.175+ 146.2Hz PL

Madera County Amateur Radio Club Deadwood
2-Meter Repeater Technical Information

CALL: W6WGZ/R (Madera club call)

LOCATION: Deadwood Peak. Two miles east of Oakhurst, north of highway 41. 38 miles north of Fresno. Lat 37 17 55 Long 119 41 04

ELEVATION: 4540 ft.

REPEATER NORMAL MODE: Carrier (any on frequency signal will activate the repeater transmitter).

RECEIVER: 147.780 Mhz 0.2 microvolts sensitivity at duplexer terminal. +- 5 Khz audio deviation. +- 2 Khz transmit frequency tolerance.

TRANSMITTER: 147.180 Mhz +- 2 ppm Output 15 watts to the antenna (after duplexer) +- 5 Khz peak audio deviation. Transmitter does not encode CTCSS tone.

ANTENNA: Omnidirectional 5+ dbd gain. ERP about 45 watts. Antenna base is 40 ft above ground. It is a commercial antenna (Celwave PD 220) that consists of eight colinear dipoles mounted in a 20 ft. long fiberglass tube.

FEED CABLE: 75 ft. 1/2" copper hardline.

POWER: Radio operates from a nominal 12 volt (13.6) battery, 250 amp hours maintained by a 25 amp regulated charger. This battery is shared with another repeater. Receive current drain 340 ma Transmit current drain 4.5 amp

IDENTIFICATION: Repeater signs W6WGZ/R every eight minutes and two minutes after the last transmission of a QSO. It waits until the end of a transmission before identifying unless the transmission lasts longer than two minutes. If the repeater is in TONE MODE a short tone burst follows call identification.

TIME OUT: The timer allows five minutes continuous transmission without a break. It then turns the transmitter off without warning. Reset (no received signal) must be at least two seconds.

ALARMS: There are four station alarms. Each is a loud tone followed by a group of five shorter tones followed by a group of two tones, then a group of one, two, three or four tones. This whole sequence is repeated several times.

Third group

One tone: A.C. power fail (operating on battery)
Two tones: Vault temperature out of limit, below 35' or above 95'
Three tones: Battery under voltage, 11.4 volts
Four tones: Vault door open. There is no external defeat on the door alarm

This repeater is a member of the Northern Amateur Relay Council of California and the frequencies have been coordinated and sanctioned by that council.

Repeater vault and tower supporting antennas for 147.180, 441.175, and several other services.

This photo is of the 147.180 and 441.175 transceivers, duplexers, controllers & battery charger.

The batteries.

We're not the only ones up here.