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441.175 Technical Info

Madera County Amateur Radio Club Deadwood
440 Repeater Technical Information

CALL: W6WGZ/R (A,B,C,D Depending on operating mode)

LOCATION: Deadwood Peak. Two miles west of Oakhurst and northwest of highway 41.

ELEVATION: 4540 ft.

REPEATER MODES: Repeater I.D. W6WGZ/R will add A, B, C, or D depending on operating mode.

A. Two meter (147.180 and 440 repeater) interconnected, that is, input into either receiver will output on both transmitters.

B. Each repeater operates independently of each other as if they were entirely separate.

C. Reserved.

D. Reserved.

RECEIVER: 446.175 + 146.2 PL Receiver must have PL at all times. 0.1 microvolt sensitivity at duplexer terminal. +- 5 Khz audio deviation. +- 1 Khz carrier tolerance.

TRANSMITTER: 441.175 Khz +- 1 ppm. Transmitter encodes PL if receiver input is on 441.175 It does not encode PL if input is on 2 meters (A mode) Output 15 watts to the antenna (after duplexer) +- 5 Khz audio deviation. PL encode 300 Hz deviation.

ANTENNA: Omnidirectional but side mounted an a metal tower (south side) causing a pattern dimple toward the north. 6 dbd gain. ERP about 55 watts. Antenna base is 30 ft above ground It is a commercial antenna consisting of eight colinear dipoles in a 10 ft fiberglass tube.

FEED CABLE: 60 ft. 1/2" copper hardline.

POWER: Radio operates from a nominal l2 volt (13.6 operating) battery of 250 amp hours maintained by a 25 amp regulated charger. This battery is shared with the two meter repeater. Receive current drain 110 ma. Transmit drain 5.0 amps

IDENTIFICATION: Repeater identifies W6WGZ/R (x) every eight minutes during a conversation. It waits until the end of a transmission to identify. (x) is the operating mode as above.

TIME OUT: The timer allows five minutes continuous transmission without a break. It then turns the transmitter off without warning.

This repeater, coupled with the 147.180 repeater, is owned and operated by the Madera County Amateur Radio Club. Frequencies are coordinated through the Northern Amateur Relay Council of California.